Copywriting is generally about producing words for the sale or promotion of products and services, though the crafting of carefully chosen words can go a lot further than that. It can also apply to the writing of proposals or bids, securing a new agreement with a distributor or getting a good deal on a new car. It’s about persuading someone to do something through the power of words and, when done well, is an incredibly useful skill.
My interest in copywriting stems from my interest in language and how it’s possible to get people to do things by using nothing more than the written word, and maybe a few well chosen images. I tend to focus on copy for digital media e.g. blog postings, email, ad words and white papers including product reviews but will happily produce copy for other media types e.g.
  • press releases
  • press ads
  • sales letters
  • case studies
  • product brochures
  • corporate brochures
  • articles
  • newsletters
  • presentations
or any combination of these. You may only require a killer headline or some brand names for a new product or service. I can also help with those.
Writing good, polished, honest and persuasive words is very important in the fast paced digital world of social media and millions of words are written every day to varying effect. Despite the desire for multimedia, video and audio productions, studies show that it’s still the written word that captures attention, persuades the reader to act or clinches the deal. The power of words has not diminished over the centuries or with the advent of the internet.

Update: The Institute of Copywriting is now known as the Blackford Centre for Copywriting.

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