Monday, April 1, 2013


Not related to information management, copywriting or teaching, but as it’s Easter Monday and I’m not working, I thought I’d spread the word about a great new coffee I’ve discovered right here in Plymouth. 

Owens are blenders and roasters based in Modbury (a pretty little Devon town). See the website at 

The coffee is available to buy direct via the website or, available from a number of stockists throughout the Devon area. They’re available pre-ground or as whole beans in 1k and 227g bags. I like to buy the whole beans and grind them myself for my Gaggia espresso machine. 

The 227g bag is a good size for home as it ensures that, once opened, you should get through it before the beans begin to lose their freshness. Contrary to popular belief, coffee beans don’t last much longer than a couple of weeks before they begin to taste old.

The coffees currently available are small in range, it’s quality not quantity remember, and available in espresso and filter varieties including decaf. I'm slowly and lovingly working my way through all of them. The range so far is:

  • Espresso - A special dark roast blend of Central American, African and Indonesian beans. Rich and chocolaty with a smooth nutty taste and hints of biscuit and caramel.
  • Cuppa Diem - A medium roast blend of Central American beans. Smooth and refreshingly balanced, a pleasing taste to suit most palates.
  • Cafe Negro - A darker roast blend of Central American and African beans. Creamy and mellow with fruity acidity and a hint of honey.
  • Cafe Feminio - Smooth rich, full body with semi sweet chocolate under tones and caramel notes. Owens Coffee supports the Cafe Femenino Project, a social program for women coffee producers in rural communities around the world. This one’s a Taste of the West Silver Medal winner.

I was previously buying the house blend whole beans from Cafe Nero but would much rather support a local business, especially when the quality’s this good.

If you like quality coffee at a good price, check them out.

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